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Garden Explorer allows visitors to search within our Living Collections database. Supplemental information about the species is displayed alongside the location, making the Garden Explorer a comprehensive tool for education. This interactive experience allows visitors to freely explore the collections, map out their own tours featuring plants of interest, or simply as a way to learn more about a species.
If you would like to see specific plants in the Garden but don’t know where to find them, you can use the Search function with either the scientific or common names or by plant family. Plants will be displayed with their location in the Garden as well as additional information.
Use the Map feature to zoom in on a specific location in the Garden and see all the plants located in that area. Use the maps while out in the Garden, from your own home, or out at your local garden center to remember the name of that special plant on your shopping list. Our horticulturalists are carefully recording, inventorying, and mapping individual plants for our Living Collections database. Check back regularly to see our progress on the database.

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Serving over 40,000 school-aged children annually and hosting over 225,000 visitors each year, Memphis Botanic Garden strives to enhance lives by connecting people with nature, increasing awareness and appreciation of our environment. The 96-acre property includes 30 specialty gardens and a Level 4 Arboretum, which provide the ability to interact with various families of plants, flowers, and trees while a diverse selection of year-round events and programming engages the community.